I Spy Boredom Buster for Kids

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You want an activity your kids will love. An activity that will give you enough time to get something done.

You have just a minute or two to spare to get out that activity.

You don’t want to stick them in front of a screen.

You don’t want to hear “I’m bored.”

You need this I Spy ebook – it’s a collection of 60 boredom busters you can print and play.  They are fun, AND get kids practicing important skills (without them even realizing),

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This I Spy ebook is full of boredom busters.  Boredom busters that are fun, that get kids practicing important skills (without them even realizing), that develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination.

And those are just the reasons the book is great for your kids – it’s also great for you. What’s easier than printing out a game? Print it out and you’ve got a perfect game for waiting rooms. You can choose – either some quiet time for you to get stuff done (or drink some coffee) or enjoy playing along with the kids.

So. If you’re thinking, “A boredom buster my kids will love, that lets them practice school skills…while I drink a coffee….where do I get one?”

What’s in the ebook?

  • 60 printable search and find games
  • Themes include animals and nature, shapes and colors, sports, seasonal, and holiday
  • Packed with images kids love – from dinosaurs to soccer balls to butterflies to penguins.
  • 3 types of games: hidden object, traditional search and find, and all different images
  • pdf form, so you can print it for your kids however many times you need

Why Playing I Spy Is Great For Kids

It’s fun!

  • Kids like solving the puzzles and finding the images.
  • The images are bright and colorful — all themes kids love.

Practice school skills

  • Visual memory (what images are there? What are they looking for?)
  • Visual Perception (what are they looking at? Where are the images in relation to each other
  • Recording – this is a big skill for math and science. Finding answer and then writing it down is a skill they will use again and again.

Build Fine Motor and Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Lots of ways to build finger muscles! Point to images. Circle them with fingers, with crayons.
  • When your kids are ready, they can count and write down the number of images.

printable I Spy games for kids. Get 60 games to print and play!

Why Playing I Spy Is Great For You

  • It’s easy. You will be given a pdf to download. Save it to your computer and print the games you want, when you want.
  • Have a long wait? Your kids will be happy playing these games on car trips, at doctor appointments.
  • Grab a cup of coffee! Need a few minutes to make dinner or drink your coffee {while it’s still warm} – print out a game for the kids!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love love love the I spy games! They are so easy to print whenever we are looking for something to do. Perfect for waiting at the Dr office.

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